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Size: Approximatly 32" H X 22" Square
Collection: Artist
Description: Two eagles swooping in over the water looking for fish. The view from one side is of the eagles fishing and from the other side the fish trying to escape.

Title: Peregrine Falcon with Buffelhead Ducks
Size: Approximatly 34" H x 30" L x 20" D
Collection: Private
Description: The Peregine in a near miss sends the Buffleheads diving into the nearest cover which is the water they are flying over.

Title: Red-Tailed Hawk and Crows
Size: Approximately 48" H  x 36" W  x  24" D
Collection: Robin Aerospace Ltd
Description: This is the depiction of a natural event that is quite common during the nesting season. The smaller birds are chasing the larger birds out of the area. It is a life and death struggle.

Title: Dancing Cranes – Whooping Cranes
Size: 48" H x 24" W x 48" D
Collection: Private
Description: All Cranes dance and they generally do it with other Cranes. These birds are gesturing off into the distance  as if inviting the viewer to take a closer look. 

Title: Exchanging Peregrines 2 – Peregrine Falcons
Size: 34" H  x 24" square
Collection: Lamenza Investment Corp.
Description: The male Peregrine delivers a meal to the female in mid air. If she accepts they will mate.

Title: Buffelhead Trio
Size: Approximatley a 24" Cube
Collection: Private
Description: This is a very unique carving, it is a genuine one off. I have not carved one since but the results of this one are very interesting.
Title: Myth of Fish
Size: 32" H x 20" L x 14" W
Collection: Artist
Description: The two Eagles represented in this carving are fishing in the same area. The bottom bird is seen with the fish in its claws while the other bird is circling looking for more.

Title: Tumbling Eagles - Bald Eagles
Size: Approximately a six foot cube
Collection: Ron Joyce
Description: During the courtship dance of  the Bald Eagle after the birds gain significant altitude they lock feet together and tumble out of the sky. This is what this carving depicts.